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We offer two undergraduate academic paths with day-time and evening classes. Students with bachelor degree with engineering or non-engineering backgrounds will be admitted to our M.S. program. Please contact Office of Academic Affairs for details.


School of Environment and Life Sciences
Green environment monitor / Manufacture biology doses

The school emphasizes on green technology, the interactions between people and environments and cultivates talents of sustainable green technology. We have 90% of outstanding teachers with Ph. D. degree. The four departments have professional labs with IEET certificates.
The teaching quality is approved internationally. In recent years, the teachers have great achievement in projects of National Science Council and government and industry commissioned projects. It has gradually become the key departments of monitoring, preventing Taiwan environment pollutions, and biotechnology applications. The courses are practical and useful, combining professions and industries so that the students can have a balanced development in both academic or workplace fields.
Department of Environmental Engineering and Science

Possess multiple professional teaching platforms, work with many famous national universities, expand research resources, increase research quality, and cultivate multiple environment talents.