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Brief History


The Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Fooyin University was established in 1994 and launched its graduate program in 2002. Being a vibrant teaching and research institution, the Department consistently accomplished the Top Level in the quadrennial evaluation required by the Ministry of Education in 2005 and 2010 as well as acquired accreditation recognized internationally in 2007,2013, certified by The Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan, a signatory of the Washington Accord for engineering education. Research in the Department focuses on the development of recycling technologies, soil and water remediation technologies and pollutants monitoring technologies. Our students are well-equipped with engineering knowledge and practical experience through comprehensive coursework and hands-on training. Majority of our graduates are employed in companies such as environmental consulting firms, pollutants sampling and analysis laboratories, waste-water treatment plants, and the division of environment and safety of high-tech industries.